Wednesday, 9 May 2012

The Apprentice, Street Art Episode 8

Tonights episode of The Apprentice  is the one where the candidates have to really gel with some Urban Artists in the hope that the artist will choose them to sell their artwork for 1 day.  There  is always someone that messes up and comes across rude and arrogant and the client just doesn't want that team to represent them.

The Apprentice Street Art
Show starts with the 6am phone call.  6am!!!  Thats like middle of the night living here in Spain.  Jade takes the call, yet none seems to say goodbye, they just put the phone done.

Stephen puts himself up but didn't really fight for it, Gabrielle wins for Project Manager.    Tom puts himself forward for  Team Phoenix Project Manager and gets it and seems to really know what he is talking about.    Gabrielle either knows her stuff or has watched the show many times and tells everyone to be enthusiastic about the artists work.

Jade and Adam start off and Adam really doesn't know anything about art but tries his best.  The artist keeps very quiet and just shakes his head.

Both teams have some big clients that they must buy for.  They have to listen very carefully and understand what the client wants....lets hope they really listened as there was a lot of talking going on.    Tom´s team did really well on this asking the right questions including what the budget was.  Gabrielle's team didn't really ask any they are going to buy a piece of art for a client I do not know

Tom makes the first call to his chosen artist and looses out to Sterling, Gabrielle's Team as they were far more enthusiastic.    Gabrielle got exactly what she wanted.  Tom is quite upset, but whilst he seemed to have a lot of knowledge, and can easily talk about art, he didn't seem to really engage with the artist.

The editing is brilliant and you have no idea which team has done best.  Toms team  seem to be selling  even though Tom didn't really want the artists he got but he has a lot of interest, although spent most of the night trying to flog the giant pictures.

The Boardroom
Tom gets the grilling first of all from Lord Sugar.  Tom is really upset as he didn't get the artist he wanted and Lord Sugar pulls him up on that.

Gabrielle got some great compliments from Karren but then she got a grilling from Lord Sugar for not asking how much budget the company had.

Team Sterling - The company didn't buy any pieces of artwork.  But they sold 11,630 pounds with a  commission of 4579.65.

Team Phoenix did sell a piece to the Car Company  but only sold 5,980 with commission of 2,442 profit

130 pounds difference!  Either Tom, Laura, Adam or Jade will be leaving tonight.

Street Art, Tom, Laura & Jade in Boardroom
Lord Sugar made it clear that Laura wasn't good at selling.  Tom brings back in Jade and Laura which is the right decision.  Adam gets to go back to the house.

It all gets pretty heated in the boardroom with Tom, Jade and Laura and most of the blame goes on Laura although all of them are arguing  at each other.    At this moment I think Laura will go.  Tom looks as though he is going to be sick.

Finally Lord Sugar says those words "Laura You´re Fired".  At least they did all hug and say good bye.

The Artists Featured tonight are Copyright, Pure Evil, Nathan

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  1. I have to admit, as a creative individual this episode interested me quite a bit. Adam's selling of artwork was quite amusing and watching him trying to sound arty was just hilarious. Tom was quite annoying though, yes he does know some things about Street Art but that certainly didn't help in this situation. That said, Tom is my favourite to win out of all the candidates. I've written a little more about my opinions on my blog if you have time to read.

    Thanks for reading.