Saturday, 14 April 2012

The Apprentice Series 8 Episode 3 - Condiments

I was away on holiday when this episode was on and was unable to blog, but here is a quick catch up from memory.

Episode 3 of Series 8 The Apprentice was Condiments. The two teams had to come up with a great new idea for a condiment.

The teams were mixed up and Nick and Duane went over the girls team and Lord Sugar took Katie out of the girls team and put her with the boys. It does seem Katie isn't liked or its the editing which we are all learning can be very clever.

Katie took lead of the boys and put herself forward as team leader. She was quite good and seemed to have the boys under control. The first thing was to decide whether they are going for a sauce or chutney, followed by the name. Stephen once again was really quite annoying on this task. He came up with the name "Belisimo". How original! Meaning beautiful in Italian, except it was spelt wrong which was pointed out by one of the companies they were pitching too. But at least when they went to the pitch they had a sample to take with them unlike.....

The other team which Duane and Nick were in with the girls. They spent so much time gaffing around,   and getting the mixtures wrong, they didn't have anything, not a sauce nor a bottle to take to the pitch to the big companies.

Both teams had to produce their condiments, pitch and sell to the big companies and then sell to the public. Michael really messed up and lost out on sales, which probably cost them the task, for just 4p...yes 4p.

The Boardroom

In the end, surprisingly the girls team with Duane and Nick won, even though they tried to pitch without a product.  It came down to sales and they also had more bottles to sell to the public.

Katie had a decision to make and decided to bring Michael back in to the board room along with Ricky Martin (just love the name) as Ricky was in charge of Production and made a disaster out of it.   This was Katie´s third time in the boardroom which didn't look good.  Could she just be unlucky?

After much debate Michael was fired in Episode 3 The Condiments.

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