Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Masterchef Episode 7 - Italian Spanish or French Cooking

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So last week we saw the exit of Ashvy and the week before that, the surprising exit of Jonathan.  Its been a rocky but exciting few weeks.

In tonights episode the final contestants have to cook either Italian, French or Spanish.  There will be 3 groups for each type of cooking and each group will cook with a top chef.  Francesco Mazzei for Italian, Ben Tish for Spanish and Bruno Loubet for French
Tom, Aki  and Shelina are cooking Italian in the restaurant of Francesco Mazzei.  Wow, watching the pasta being made was amazing.  I personally love Italian Food.  After learning how to make the dishes, they then have to do service.  They all did very well, there was no shouting or any stressful moments shown, unlike the past weeks.

Eamonn & Andrew chose Spanish and will be cooking under Ben Tish.  Their are having a masterclass making tortilla.  Ashamedly, I still can't get a tortilla right, even after years of living here.    Wow, that tortilla looks good and I have one of those little pans.  Im going to try that!  Now Andrew and Eamonn have to do service.  Both do well in service...this seems so easy.

The French Team, Jay, Emma & Afsaneh
Afsaneh, Emma and Jay are cooking French under Bruno Loubet.    Wow it looks absolutely delicious.  I want to go to all 3 of these restaurants.  All 3 now have to cook in service.  Chef was really impressed with Jay.  Afsaneh and Emma also did well.  Every dish was mouthwatering. Bruno Loubet Beef Bourguignon or Cote de Beouf Bourguignon looked amazing. Id love to find the recipe for this.

In the next round each contestant has take on board what they have learnt in their masterclass in Spanish, French or Italian and now prepare their own dish for the judges and also their chef.

Shelina made chestnut and mushroom tagliatelle with truffle. Shelina lost her truffle and it was put in the bin which was a stressful moment for her.  It looked good.  Greg said it was perfect.  Francesco says this is an Italian dish.    Greg says its beautifully made.  Well done Shelina!  Want to cook this?

Tom prepared Roasted Pheasant with Risotto.  John says it looks beautiful. Greg & Chef both liked it too.  Great comments for Tom.

Aki cooked sea urchin spaghetti and asparagus salad with broccoli.  Francesco said in Italian Cooking salad and pasta doesn't work.  He says too many things and too many ingredients, but the pasta is very very good.  John says the pasta is brilliantly made.  Greg says he wishes she didn't put the salad on.

Eamonn prepared Sea Bream Fillets and Broad beans a very Spanish dish here in Spain.  The plate of food looked good.  Chef said the beans are really good and was a lovely plate of food.  Greg said good cooking.  John says he can see that Eamonn has learnt a lot in the Spanish cooking class. Fancy trying this?

Andrew prepared  Crumbed Hake with chorizo and lots more.  Chef was worried about the amount of ingredients Andrew was using.   But the dish looked incredible.  Greg said he loves it, its the best dish Andrew has cooked.  John really likes it and says he has really taken the essence of Spain. Want to cook this?

Afsaneh prepared an apple & cinnamon cake with ice-cream.  Afsaneh keeps smiling although she kept saying she doesn't know if its going to work.  The chef doesn't seem too sure about her dish.   .   Chef says there are quite a few mistakes with this dish.  John said her technique has let her down.  Greg says the idea is wonderful but it just didn't work.

Jay is preparing bouillabaisse with pan fried monkfish with saffron.  Greg loves the way he has cooked the fish but it lacks the depth of a real French Bouillabaisse.  John likes it but he says it´s missing something.

Emma is cooking Chocolate and Banana Profiteroles.  She struggled at the end when her Ice Cream didn't work.   Greg said pastry good and the whole thing is too sweet (even for him).  Chef not particularly impressed.  John applauds the amount of work she put into the dish.  The french masterclass was wonderful. I don't get why Emma & Asfaneh went for desserts.


The Final Part

Judges say Andrew and Eamonn are definitely through.  Andrews dish looked amazing.  They were the only two that  really understood what they had to do. Shelina and Tom are through.  They talk about Aki, but in the end she goes through.  I think Aki needs to take care cause she has made mistakes.  Jay did the best out of his group and he goes through.  So it was between Emma and Afsaneh.

Departure of Afsaneh Masterchef
Sadly tonight we say goodbye to Afsaneh but I think it was her time to go.

What did you think of Masterchef Tonight?


  1. What was claimed to be an AUTHENTIC Spanish tortilla as cooked by Ben Tish, was absolutely nothing like the real thing. I am Spanish and have been cooking tortillas for over 30 years. you do NOT slice the potato in a mandolin, you do NOT add queso and jamon and -most importantly- you do NEVER put it under the grill. It's NOT an Italian frittata!!!! Get your facts right before making any claims about the food of a country where your not from.
    Lorea Torca-Hernandez

  2. If you work in a fine dining establishment you us a mandolin as your customers are looking for extra refinement. How else was he going to finish the frittata - by putting it in the toaster?

    I would add some olives to this and serve with a lovely micro herb salad and fine prosecco. Heaven on s summers night on my terrace with friends!

    1. It was meant to be a Spanish omelette, NOT a frittata!!

    2. This is the authentic way to finish a "tortilla española" (spanish omelette), not putting it under the grill.
      I am with Lorea Torca-Hernandez.


      Francisco Juaniz, from Spain.

  3. Well, I don't remember them using the word Authentic. But it look very good to me. Living in Spain myself, there are quite a few places that say English Breakfast...and its certainly not an English Breakfast. Everyone has a different take on things and thats what makes food good, interesting and tasty.