Monday, 23 March 2015

Turning 40 - The Joys

They say life begins at forty.  Well, I´m not so sure about life beginning, but something definitely starting.

In the past few months of my 40th year, I have

- had hip problems

- need to wear glasses far more often

-  been told by the dentist that I may need a plate for my mouth to stop grinding my teeth, (which is rather common when you become 40)

- have hairs sprouting around my chin

- hair is turning grey by the minute

- eyebrows turning grey

and finally...

- eyebrows that are literally sprouting out, up into my forehead,  growing much longer than normal with a lovely curl.

Other than that, being 40 is fabulous.  

Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Benefit, Lolli Tint, Benefit Erase Paste, Gimme Brow & Hello Flawless

Benefit Cosmetics (UK)

Im absolutely rubbish at makeup.  I mean rubbish.  I have never been able to apply eyeliner or  eyeshadow the way it´s meant to be, until I bought my little eyeshadow kit from Benefit years ago.

Benefit Lolli Tint, Benefit Hello Flawless, Benefit Erase Paste and Benefit Gimme Brow

As you get older your skin changes.  My has changed a lot, but I also have some terrible dark patches all over my face too.

The problem is the harder you try to cover them up, the worse you actually look.  Whilst the effect of thick heavy make up looks amazing in photos, it´s not how I want to feel everyday.

So, I went along to the Benefit Counter in El Corte Ingles Marbella and have to say, the lady serving was one of the best I have probably come across.

First of all we tried a cream concealer that changed to a dry powder.  For my skin this just didn't work. Then we tried the Erase Paste No.2.  What a difference!  It covered, not completely, but definitely covered and made patches a little lighter but more importantly it gave light and shine.

Next we tried the Hello Flawless Foundation in Beige.  Very light, feels amazing on the skin and gives an amazing glow. All too often, once applied, some foundations can go a bit dreary.

Realising that this girl was pretty good, I asked for a blush.  I said that my powder bronzer just makes me look worse.  Her recommendation, Lolli Tint.  A candy pink coloured liquid stain for lips and cheeks.  3 dabs on the apple of your cheeks, a gentle rub and on top of the concealer and foundation, my skin just came alive.

Then brows…I have a few missing, so I always fill in with powder which normally rubs off.  A new product called Gimme Brow.  It´s like a little mascara, but, having been one to sometimes put mascara on my brows…this is rather different.  Its covers, fills in and keeps brows in place without that big thick surprised look going on like in TOWIE.

I'm hoping that I can do the make up exactly as the girl did today at the counter.  I really is about using the right brush too.

All four products cost me 125 euros which is a lot to spend at one time, but I guess, 1 will, well hope, they will run out one by one.

I also have very allergenic skin and have had this on for 3 hours now and no problem at all.

I really, truly love Benefit products but they don't just look fabulous, they are fabulous!

Benefit Cosmetics (UK)

Thursday, 6 March 2014

Mothers Day Presents - Mum Necklaces, Mum Jewellery

There´s always a reason to buy something isn´t there?  Just as Christmas finishes, the Valentines Promotions arrive. The minute Valentines is over and done with, the adverts start for Easter Eggs, and now Mothers Day is on its way.  It never ends!

So what are you going to buy your wonderful mother this Mothers Day?  Nothing? Chocolates? Flowers? Or a nice piece of jewellery that she will remember?

I´ve found these cute Diamond Mum Pendants for you, perfect for Mothers Day and not too expensive either!

Click on the pictures for more information about the product and price.  Personally I love the White Gold Pendant, but it all depends on the colour gold your mum normally wears.

9K Gold Dia 'Mum' Heart Pendant 
   0.11ct Diamond and 9K White Gold MUM Pendant

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Cath Kidston - Presents for girls age 10, 11, 12, 13

Cath Kidston (UK)

Buying birthday presents for young ladies age from 10 onwards is not easy!

They´re not really into toys anymore, games for nintendos are quite expensive, and you never really know what clothes they are into.

Last Christmas I filled up my daughters stocking with some gorgeous Cath Kidston products.  The Star Shower Gel, Body Lotion and also a very cute Shower Cap.  

It was an absolute winner!  She loves them!

So if in doubt about presents for young ladies, or even older ladies….buy a few little items from Cath Kidston.  They will love it!

Karen Millen Marbella - New Season


Im loving the new Karen Millen range, a little more casual than normal, although Im not sure they will have the full range here.  Here in Marbella we have a Karen Millen Shop in Puerto Banus and also a concession in El Corte Ingles Puerto Banus but all too often they seem to stock a lot of the fancy dresses and really smart items.  That´s where buying online comes in use!!!

Generally Karen Millen is very good and once you know your size, it generally fits throughout the whole range.   

At the moment Karen Millen have an extra 20% off their sale items.  Could be worth having a look.  Sometimes sale items are very similar to the latest seasons.

Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Zadig & Voltaire Marbella

Zadig & Voltaire are one of the latest brands to join El Corte Ingles Puerto Banus.  Last time I was in London I saw they had a shop on Hampstead High Street London too.  Really nice clothes and more importantly great fabrics.  Casual clothes with an edge Id say!

Being me, I waited till the sales and bought a lovely black v neck jumper which has the stone studded wings on the back.  Normally about 170euros reduced to 116euros.  For me, its the fabric that is fantastic.  100% merino wool which is so comfortable to wear.

If you look around at other brands, you will find they maybe have 15% cashmere, mainly polyester though…which I find really bad when they are charging over 120Euros for it!

Will post a picture soon as I cannot find the jumper I bought on their website.

Monday, 13 January 2014

Mango Biker Jacket with Studded Union Jack


A friend of mine, popped in today, all excited about her new leather jacket, that she was wearing  She had literally just bought it from Mango.  I really liked it, and had been looking for one similar.  She said there was just one jacket left in XS.  I couldn´t resist!

So, school pickup, a few chores to do, drop off at homework classes and a quick drive to La CaƱada Shopping Centre, rushing into Mango to find this one jacket left.  I found it!!!

What a bargain.  Real Leather, with a studded Union Jack on the back, very similar to the new collection out now but double the price.

The jacket was 59€uros originally about 149€.  69pounds in UK.    An absolute bargain!  But you must see the back of it.  If you click the picture will take you through to more photos of it.  It looks so much better on than in this picture.

Friday, 13 December 2013

No.1 Gift For Wife´s Christmas Present

The Diamond Store

It´s that time of year when giving is far better than receiving, unless of course you are on the receiving end of a gift bought from The Diamond Store.

Still stuck for ideas for your wife, girlfriend, daughter or any other special female in your life?   Whilst, you may spend a little more that you originally wanted, I will save you a lot of time searching (and time is money) and you will give a gift that they will absolutely love and treasure forever.


Because I was bought this gift a few years ago and I never forget when and where I was given them and wear them every single day.  I love them, they truly are the best present ever.

What are they?

A beautiful pair of Classic Diamond Stud Earrings….quite simple.

Want to look at a few more different styles and price ranges?