Friday, 17 February 2017


The Ordinary - by Deciem



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Back in December, I happened to come across a blog post of the best skincare products by Nadine Baggott, a Beauty Editor I have followed for years.    She spoke about The Ordinary by Deciem and was raving about it so much, she sold it to me.

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This also coincided with the fact that I was fed up spending 50€ a time a little pot of eyecream that I really didn't feel was working, but because I have such sensitive and allergenic skin, I was too scared to change.  

Being sold a product with promises of amazing results at over 50€ is very different to when a product only costs around 6€.  I could buy a whole regime of skincare for the price of 1 product I normally use!

After just a week of using The Ordinary I could see and feel the difference, I have extremely sensitive skin with a lot of dark spots and have suffered terribly from the butterfly mask caused by antibiotics, the pill and sun.  My skin was so patchy that everyday I had to wear foundation.

The Ordinary is a revolutionary skincare range which has taken the UK & US by storm.   No fancy packaging or scents, no fancy branding, nor astronomical prices, just back to basics beauty that not only works, but is amazing value too.  

There are around 20 products ranging from 5€ to 18€ and only 4 of them are over 10€.  Made from ingredients you will find in all the expensive brands charging more than 10 times the price all because of their name and branding. 

My view was that it was so cheap, it was worth trying and if it didn´t work, well so what!

My skin feels clearer, plumper and I feel so much more confident I hardly wear foundation anymore during the day.

I´m not saying all your dark spots will totally disappear, but they will fade and skin will look brighter, along with a good high suncream and avoiding direct sun.  

So the short story is....I bought, I used, I loved, became an addict and want you to be an addict too!

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